History of the Choir

The Montreal Intercultural Choir (formerly, the Montreal InterHospital Choir) maintain its uniqueness not only through its membership of the people from diverse cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds thus reflecting the intercultural spirit of Montreal, but is is also an eight part choir which performs complex harmonizing arrangements of soulful spirituals, gospels, intricate carols, hymns, classical and african rhythms.

Former InterHospital ChoirFormer InterHospital Choir

people from diverse cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds [...] reflecting the intercultural spirit of Montreal

Over the courses of the last ten years, the Montreal Intercultural Choir has participated in a number of socio-cultural events ranging from the closings ceremonies of the prestigious Lanaudière International Music Festival, Montreal Acappella Festival, Repentigny Gospel Festival and Just for Laughs Festival to being part of the opening number of Quebec's up and coming vocalist Bernard Lachance during his CD launch at Place des Arts, the Humphrey Freedom Award Ceremony for human rights and Democracy and the welcoming Ceremony for Winnie and Nelson Mandela.

Signing in support of good (humanitarian) causes has always been on the choir's roster. Events include: Khoi-Khoi, an event to raise funds for a communications institute in South Africa; En Harmonie 4 Kids, a fundraiser in support of Sun Youth; Grandmothers to Grandmothers, in support of the Steven Lewis Foundation; concerts for the NDG Food bank and a performance at the Marche Bonsecour in honour ot the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Descrimination.

Montreal Intercultural ChoirMontreal Intercultural Choir 2007 Christmas concert2007 Christmas concert